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The ‘Stock Your Library’ Project

Why the Project?

For several years now, EPP Books Services, as part of its School Performance Surveillance activity, noticed the sad trend of the falling standards of education in Ghana. Although this sad phenomenon is attributable to many factors, a key reason identified was and has been the lack of enough teaching and learning materials in many schools in Ghana. The lack of text books and other reading materials have resulted in poor reading habits among children while teachers are by themselves helpless in finding solutions.

Whiles a few of these schools are privileged to have access to books and other materials for studies, many of Ghana’s schools do not have the basic education materials to talk about libraries. Unfortunately, all the schools are required to answer same questions during external exams at the various stages of the educational ladder. This phenomenon has led to a good number of these unfortunate children dropping out of school at various stages, leaving them helpless, ultimately becoming a burden on the economy of the country.

It is against this background and in an effort to contribute its quota to the rise in the standard of education in Ghana that we have taken the bold initiative to introduce a key Project dubbed, “Stock Your Library”.


“Stock Your Library - Building Our Libraries Together

The project is being introduced as part of EPP Books Services’ Corporate Social Responsibility and will see the supply of books and other educational materials to needy schools across Ghana. The donations to be made free of charge, is in support of the enhancement of teaching and learning in the beneficiary schools.

Recognizing the enormity of the challenge and in an effort to significantly reduce the deficit, a total amount of Five Million (GHC5, 000,000) Ghana Cedis worth of books has been committed by EPP Books Services to the project.

The project has been initiated with the following objectives among others:

1.To help improve upon teaching and learning in needy schools across the country through the provision of books and other educational materials.

2.To help bridge the gap between the privileged and the underprivileged schools in Ghana by stocking the libraries of these underprivileged schools with books that will help them catch up.

3.To enhance the effort of research and enhanced knowledge within institutions including Think Tanks.

4.Promote the habit of reading among pupils and students by encouraging existing Reading Clubs as well as supporting the setting up of new ones with the assistance of stakeholder organizations

Who should benefit?

  • All needy basic, second cycle and tertiary public schools in Ghana
  • Selected private basic, and second cycle and tertiary institutions in Ghana
  • Other institutions of public benefit eg. Research Institutions, Public Libraries, Health Institutions,  etc

Selection Procedure/Approach

A number of approaches will be adopted in selecting successful institutions. All applications will be taken through a standard selection procedure, ensuring that all the basic criteria are met for a successful institution.

  1. Schools at the basic level will be nominated and selected through the use of the expertise of partners, The Ghana Library Association, based on the needs of the said schools as may be identified by the expert partners.
  2. Other institutions not falling in category (A) stated above will have their applications reviewed and their schools visited to ensure their readiness before decisions are made on them.


Collaboration with Ghana Library Association

Under the same project EPP Books is collaborating with the Ghana Library Association and other supporting institutions on a theme: “Addressing Ghana’s Literacy and Reading Challenges through Private Sector Participation”; to provide books to reading clubs currently being managed by the Ghana Library Association.


Do You Want to Join Us Build Libraries?

Interested institutions who want to partner EPP Books Services in Building Libraries are most welcome and can contact us on 028 97 111 25